Frequently Asked Questions

Clienteling is the art of offering personalized experiences to customers in every interaction with a retailer and its sales associates. It involves knowing customers and their preferences so that their experiences both inside and outside the store can be tailor-made for them. In today's world in-store retail sales associates rely on easy to use clienteling apps to help them make informed decisions and offer shoppers a personal touch.
StyleSend is an all-in-one Clienteling tool that helps premium to luxury fashion and lifestyle retailers offer their customers the beloved "in-store VIP experience" across any channel. StyleSend easily integrates with Shopify and WhatsApp Business API to pull in a retailer's data and allow for easy communication. A retailer can get started by downloading the StyleSend mobile apps for iOS and Android for free.
No. We've built seamless integrations with Shopify and WhatsApp to help you start clienteling without any technical knowledge. In case you still need help, we're there to handhold you through any hiccups.
Yes, you can try our Starter and Growth plans free for 14 days. If you would like a free 14-day trial of our Enterprise plan please contact sales.
Clients are the customers whom you interact with. Your initial list of clients comes from your Shopify store. Once your hub is set up, you can add new clients from the StyleSend app too. In case you need to bulk import clients from elsewhere, please email us at and we'll help you with it.
Our Starter plan has a limit of 500 clients per business. To record data for more than 500 clients, you will need to delete clients or upgrade to a Growth plan. Please contact if you need further assistance.
Our Growth plan has a limit of 5000 clients per business. To record data for more than 5000 clients, you will need to delete clients or upgrade to an Enterprise plan. Please contact if you need further assistance.
We made it easy for you. You don't require any technical knowledge to pull in product and order data from your Shopify store. All you need to do is download the StyleSend plugin for Shopify here and then enter your Organization Code on the StyleSend app.
We're paranoid about security too. We use the best in class security protocols to make sure your data is encrypted at rest and when being processed. Our team members can't access your data either unless you request us to, for any reason. Under the Enterprise plan, we can offer hosting on company-owned servers and on-premise server hosting,
Yes. You will be charged your Monthly Subscription amount on the first day of your billing period.
No. StyleSend does not charge anything for access to the WhatsApp Business API. Our team helps you apply to WhatsApp, through a Facebook Business Service Provider and once you are approved by WhatsApp, then you can integrate your chats from the WhatsApp Business API into your StyleSend hub.
WhatsApp’s charges are public and available here.
You can give us any valid number with the country code and we can set it up as your Official WhatsApp API number. It is important to know that once you set up a number on the Official WhatsApp API, it is not possible to downgrade to a WhatsApp Business Account or a regular WhatsApp Account.
Yes you can re-use a number but you’d need to delete your existing WhatsApp account before we can activate it as your Official WhatsApp API number.
No. Once a number is set up on the API, it cannot be used on a phone.
All organizations on a paid plan receive a personal live interactive onboarding from one of our product experts. Depending on the plan, we offer email, WhatsApp and phone support. For the enterprise plan, we assign a designated account manager for each business.

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