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TL;DR – We built a Clienteling Tool that adds 40 million USD annually to the top-line of one of the largest luxury retailers in the world. Retail store associates and stylists have assisted upwards of a 100,000 consumers. We want to introduce your brand to the Personalization benefits of Clienteling with StyleSend.

💭 The Dream

We started with a dream to transform the experience of shopping for fashion online. We built Seenit, a community of fashion enthusiasts that quickly grew to 1 million visits a month. Our hearts melted seeing the positive interactions among users. Snapping back to reality – we didn’t know how to monetize. While we were lucky to work with some of the best global brands in Moda Operandi, Nike, Puma, Koovs, The Label Life, Andamen, the list goes on (grateful to you all!), it was clear this wouldn’t pay our bills.

💡 Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We needed another revenue stream. And fast. Taking a leap of faith on the positive reviews for the Seenit product and the want for retailers to grow customer relationships beyond purely transactional ones, we started exploring ways to use our community and product building expertise to add value to their efforts. We were invited to create a clienteling solution for one of the world’s largest and iconic luxury retailers. This was in 2017.

👷‍♀️ Build Build Build

The last few years have involved failed prototypes, redrawing designs, building an iOS app, taking user feedback, hours spent mystery shopping in stores, piloting in one store, talking to HQ for feedback, Oracle integration, wondering why Clienteling even makes any sense, staring at data for days waiting for it to say something, iterations, waiting for feedback and data again, adding new features, mix and match, removing features built with a lot of care (it was heartbreaking!), rolling out in all of a brand’s stores in one city, adding more features, going deeper, going wider, AI, holding focus groups for store associates, traversing the complexities of a large organisation, iterations, launching an Android app, adding a payment gateway, deploying the app in a new country in a new language (that no one on our team spoke), more iterations, WeChat Miniprograms, commission tracking for associates, Shopify, “we want to be the best clienteling app”, data security, privacy, zero crash app, more iterations. Whew – that was one long sentence!

💌 Clienteling is a Magical Feeling

We love Clienteling. We love Retail. We love Building. We love Digital.

We’re willing to bet that in the near future, the best retailers will offer a more personalized experience in every interaction with their customers. The large trend has already started, with luxury brands offering clienteling services to their most loyal clients. As setting up a clienteling tool becomes easier (no-code!) and cheaper, it’s only a matter of time that every brand will want to offer a better customer experience with the help of clienteling.

The more we work on making the world’s clienteling experience better, the more we believe in its potential to transform the omnichannel experience for a retailer’s key customers.

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